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Sculptra® Aesthetic

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The evolution of the wrinkle filler has led to an amazingly effective product called Sculptra® Aesthetic. It replaces the natural volume (fat) loss that occurs as we age – the volume loss that is responsible for the appearance of age.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a facial injectable that is FDA approved for the correction of shallow to deep nasolabial folds (i.e., smile lines), contour deficiencies, and other facial wrinkles.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a different type of filler. It is known as a Poly-L-Lactic Acid and is considered a bio-activator or “volumizer”. It does not in and of itself fill the depressed areas. Instead, Sculptra® Aesthetic is a new generation of space filling substances. It works by stimulating the body to produce new collagen at the sites of injection, thereby replacing lost volume and contours to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Where do you use Sculptra?

Sculptra® can be used to restore volume to hollow areas of the temples, cheeks, chin and under the eyes, as well as to define the jaw line. It is not recommended for use in and around the lips. The product is administered with local anesthesia and the discomfort is minimal.

Dr. Kridel talks about the use of Sculptra in this video.

The results are natural-looking and appear over a period of a few months. Sculptra Aesthetic can last at least two or more years because it causes the body to stimulate its own collagen. Two to three sessions generally 4-6 weeks apart are usually needed. As with all injections there can be temporary swelling, redness, and transient appearance of palpable, usually not visible, papules under the skin which resolve spontaneously over a period of weeks to months.

Sculptra can be combined with other treatments:

Sculptra® Aesthetic is also often used in combination with other injectables or laser skin treatments, such as the Fraxel® treatment.. Sculptra can also be a valuable adjunct to facelift surgery. A facelift will remove excess skin, but a facelift will not restore volume. The effects of these combined treatments can be dramatic, while still requiring very little down time for recovery. So that’s why the introduction of a volumizer such as Sculptra, is such an exciting event!