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Plastic Surgery Procedures

Fraxel Laser Treatment – A New Treatment for Aging and Sun Damaged Skin. Youve heard about it and now its here. Dr. Kridel is proud to offer FraxelTM Laser Treatment, the latest beauty breakthrough to restore aging and sun-damaged skin — pixel by pixel, spot by spot continue

Botox – HELLO, BOTOX, Goodbye, Wrinkles! One of the most popular ways to get rid of wrinkles, BOTOX® injections work wonders on forehead creases, frown lines between the eyes, and crows-feet. This is a simple, in-office treatment used to treat facial wrinkles… continue

Wrinkle Fillers – Botox, Collagen, Radiesse, Restylane – You look in the mirror and see tiny wrinkles and laugh lines, but theyre barely noticeable right now. And you want to keep it that way. You may want to look into the no-scalpel approach–anti-aging solutions that are ideal if youre not ready for an… continue

Sculptra® Aesthetic – The evolution of the wrinkle filler has led to an amazingly effective product called Sculptra® Aesthetic. It replaces the natural volume (fat) loss that occurs as we age – the volume loss that is responsible for the appearance of age… continue

Lip Augmentation – Women’s mouths are bigger and better than ever. And those plump, appealing lips aren’t always God-given. Sometimes they’re the result of visiting a facial plastic surgeon’s office for a little assistance in acheiving a pouty mouth… continue

Laser Skin Resurfacing – Vaporize Wrinkles! Newest and most effective of peels on the horizon today is the laser peel, which removes deep wrinkles and creases. Dr. Kridel, who introduced laser skin resurfacing in Houston, says, "The laser peel for facial rejuvenation can reverse damage done to the skin by age, sun, and acne. The skin can be restored, making you… continue

Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Skin Rejuvenation – Lasers & Other Procedures. The Texas sun is unrelenting. Hot, hot, hot. Try to avoid it – impossible. Sun blocks wear off, the sun reflects off the sidewalk and through car windows, beating down on and punishing the facial skin. The wrinkles first appear around the eyes and lips, and over the years, brown sun spots appear and the skin becomes leathery. continue

Laser Hair Removal – Today, most people want clean, sleek bodies and faces. Thats why lots of Houstonians decide to have a treatment that will get rid of excess hair longterm. At the offices of Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, new technology makes reducing facial and body hair easy and comfortable. Lasers such as Cynosures Apogee are major innovations… continue

Ultherapy (Ulthera) – Dr. Russell Kridel and Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is pleased to be one of the first in the Texas Medical Center area to offer the new Ultherapy™ procedure for lifting and toning loose, lax skin. continue