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Neck Liposuction – Facial Liposuction

Submental & buccal fat lipectomy

If you have a double chin or a round baby face that is hereditary, you have no doubt discovered that diet and exercise doesn’t improve pockets of these excess fat cells. But, Dr. Russell Kridel has answers for these problems — liposuction.

How does Dr. Kridel improve a double chin or ‘fat face’ with liposuction?

During submental lipectomy (neck liposuction) to remove excess fat under the chin and jawline, Dr. Kridel makes a tiny incision under the chin and “vacuums” out excess fat through a suction catheter. After he closes the incision, he applies a turban-like dressing, then removes stitches and bandages four days later.

It’s an hour-long, out-patient procedure done under local anesthesia and can be done in an out-patient surgical center or at the fully accredited FPSA surgical facility.

Will liposuction also tighten loose skin?

In some patients with excess fat deposits in the face and cheek area, he may also combine liposuction for the best results.

For some patients with congenital weak chins and fatty necks, the combination of chin augmentation and neck liposuction provides great jawline definition and improved facial harmony.

How do I know if I need liposuction?

During your consultation with Dr. Kridel, he will fully evaluate your face and neck area. We will also take your photographs and complete computer imaging so that you can discuss your goals and review what can be achieved through facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Kridel will provide an individualized plan, which may (or may not) include liposuction, for you to reach your goal.

What can I expect after neck liposuction?

Immediately, you’ll see a more youthful, tighter jaw line. Jowls and double chins are reduced. After five days, you can return to work. Don’t resume strenuous activities until about 10 days to two weeks after surgery. Any swelling will subside over several months, gradually revealing your new look.