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We perform facial plastic surgery with the belief that a specialist can offer exceptional care in one area.

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates offers patients a strong sense of confidence based on our doctor’s years of experience and thousands of successful outcomes through plastic surgery.

Specialties include: rhinoplasty and nasal airway surgery, septal perforation repair surgery, facial rejuvenation procedures including eyelid surgery and face lifts, and facial implant surgery. Four state-of-the-art lasers are used for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation surgery.

Besides the specialties of Dr. Kridel — face lifts and nose surgeries–other procedures offered regularly are: ear pinback, cheek implants, cheek lifts, collagen injections, facial sanding, blemish and scar surgery, brow and forehead lifts, chemical peels, hair transplantation, chin augmentation, double chin removal, face liposuction, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skincare, anti-aging treatments, and superficial and medium-depth peels.

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates offers surgical excellence with an aesthetic and artistic perspective to help the individual’s outward appearance reflect his or her inner vitality and beauty.