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Cheek Augmentation

Good cheekbones enhance facial harmony greatly.

You may have very pleasing features, but undeveloped cheekbones can make your face look flat and less refined. However, Dr. Kridel can correct this with a cosmetic procedure called malar augmentation .

It’s not as simple as just inserting an implant, however. Before deciding on surgery, Dr. Kridel will analyze your face thoroughly and explore your motivations and expectations. His goal is to improve the overall harmony of your facial features–not just to add prominent cheekbones.

Questions and Answers:

What’s a cheek implant?
The implant is made of medical-grade plastic in a roughly triangular shape. There are several different types, and Dr. Kridel will select one to complement your facial structure.

How does cheek implant surgery work?
To insert an implant, Dr. Kridel will make an incision inside your mouth, between upper gums and cheek. He elevates the soft cheek tissue and creates a pocket over the cheekbone. Then, he slides the implant through the incision and stitches it in place. Six days later, he’ll remove the stitches.

What will I experience after cheek implantation?

  • The aftermath is a swollen face and difficulty chewing.
  • You may feel some tightness or numbness around your cheeks for a few weeks.
  • Bruising is uncommon.
  • Swelling subsides gradually, of course, and your new look develops over a period of months.
  • The difference is subtle, so don’t be surprised if friends don’t notice a change. No one looks at you as closely as you do!