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Lip Augmentation

Plump, appealing lips aren’t always given to us naturally. Either through genetics or the aging process, our lips may not have the appealing look we would like to have. Today, lip augmentation treatments with soft tissue fillers can easily help create a softer, fuller and more natural look.

Dermal fillers, Restylane and Juvederm are the most effective for lip augmentation.

Noted Houston facial plastic surgeon, Russell W. H. Kridel, MD, FACS, explains; "Young lips have fullness, a marked ridge above them, and a larger portion of red lip show as opposed to white lip show. With age, the lips become flatter and less defined. The red portion diminishes, and vertical lines appear around the mouth, which can create havoc for lipstick as it tends to trail off into the vertical lines.

Doctors have ways to increase the poutiness and the projection of your lips, improve the curved shape of the upper lip and the cupid’s bow, and eliminate wrinkles around the mouth. Injectable soft tissue fillers can solve all three problems.”

Lip augmentation treatments take minutes to perform and can be done in an office visit. For a more pronounced mouth, your doctor injects Restylane or Juvederm inside the upper and/or lower lip. This is often combined with the marking of the contour of the lip; your doctor injects along the lip line.


Injections are not painful and results can last about a year:

On average, results can be expected to last between six months and a year or so. Either topical or nerve block anesthesia can be first used to prevent discomfort from the procedure. Most patients leave the office with little to no bruising or swelling, and they can immediately return to their normal routine. There is very little associated discomfort, and some patients may benefit from cold compresses and prescribed medicines to hasten the healing process. Note that if you’re having lip injections, you need to be off of aspirin or ibuprofen for a week to ten days before the treatment.

Lip augmentation done correctly looks natural:

JuvedermIn the hands of a skilled facial plastic surgeon with an eye to aesthetics, like Dr. Kridel, lip augmentation can restore or create a natural, youthful appearance of your lips.

If you decide you want fuller lips, take pictures of what you like so that when you come in for a consultation, you can clearly convey your goal for lip augmentation.

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