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Fraxel Laser Treatment

Dr. Kridel proudly offers Fraxel™ Laser Treatment — a beauty breakthrough to restore aging and sun-damaged skin with very little downtime.

Dr. Kridel was one of the early adopters of this technology in Houston and has seen great results with hundreds of patients. The Fraxel Laser is the only device specially designed to resurface a fraction of the skin at a time without breaking its protective outer barrier. This unique approach allows for dramatic cosmetic improvement without the redness, downtime and discomfort of traditional abrasive techniques. After treatment, your skin will feel softer, smoother and toned, resulting in a healthy, vibrant and more youthful appearance.

The Fraxel Laser technology is ideal for adults with mild to moderate periorbital wrinkles, age spots and skin discoloration. In fact, it so gentle it can be used on practically any area of the body.

” Wow. Fraxel is amazing. It didn’t hurt at all. The staff was super nice. And, you can’t believe how much better my skin looks. I get compliments all the time.” —- KB

” I am 55 yrs old and spent too much time laying out in the sun with baby oil in my college years. I was so spotty. I have had two Fraxel treatments thus far and I look amazing. I even venture out now without make-up.” —- EP

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?


  • The advanced Fraxel Laser treats only a very small fraction of skin at a time without breaking the skin’s protective outer barrier. This is in contrast to traditional resurfacing techniques that remove the entire top layer of damaged skin and are associated with oozing, crusting and a lengthy recovery period.
  • This innovative approach repairs damaged skin by leaving each treatment area surrounded by healthy tissue, promoting rapid healing with virtually no negative side effects and no lengthy downtime or need for general anesthesia.

How does it work?


Think of a digital photo that is comprised of thousands of pixels. Now, imagine damaged skin that is delicately repaired, pixel by pixel, spot by spot. That’s the principle behind Fraxel Laser Treatment. It’s like Adobe Photoshop® software for your skin.

  • The Fraxel Laser passes through the top layer of skin like light through glass, reaching into the dermis below to create thousands of tiny, microscopic areas of thermal damage that stimulate the body’s own wound healing response, notably new collagen production and replacement of damaged skin surfaces with new epidermal skin.
  • The penetrating wavelengths of Fraxel Laser Treatment resurface damaged skin, reduce periorbital wrinkles and correct pigmented lesions such as age spots and sun spots as your skin gradually becomes softer, smoother and fresher. In contrast to non-ablative treatments, Fraxel Laser Treatment is like digital modification that rebuilds a picture, pixel by pixel, by creating new epidermal skin.

To find out if you are a candidate for Fraxel, please contact our office to schedule a consultation at 713/526-5665, so you can start your full Fraxel experience today!

What conditions can Fraxel be used for?

  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Hormonal spots/patches
  • Sun damage
  • Blotchy skin
  • Discoloration
  • Brown spots
  • Pigmented skin lesions/ Vascular Dyschromia
  • Pre-cancer skin lesions
  • Acne scars
  • Chicken Pox scars
  • Surgical scars incl. C-sectional scarring
  • Periorbital fine lines
  • Irregular texture
  • Sun spots, age spots, liver spots (pigmented lesions)
  • Melasma (mask of pregnancy)
  • Enlarged Pores

How is the Fraxel procedure performed?

We begin the treatment by cleaning the skin and applying a topical cream to numb the treatment area about an hour prior to treatment. This is to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. The laser is then used to rejuvenate the skin in the treatment area. The epidermis and dermis layers of the skin are treated, yet no visible damage is done to the outside (epidermal) layer of the skin. By only damaging specific areas of the skin, spread out over the area being treated, healthy and unaffected skin is left intact to quickly begin the healing process and stimulate the body’s own capacity. This results in the production of new collagen and even more radiant skin.

Does it hurt?

Most patients describe a “prickling” sensation during treatment. We apply topical anesthesia cream before the procedure and cold air during the procedure to minimize discomfort. Some patients experience the feeling of a mild ‘sunburn’ for one to three days after the procedure.

Can it be used on any color skin?

Yes. We have used Fraxel on a wide spectrum of skin types.

How long does a session take?

Treatments usually last between 20-90 minutes depending on the amount of area covered. However, additional time is required before the procedure to apply the topical anesthesia (numbing) cream.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are minimal and may include slight to moderate swelling or redness. Fraxel treatments may give you a ‘sunburned’ appearance for 2-7 days but is usually mild and there should not be crusting or oozing of the skin as the skin is intact. Make-up may be worn 3 to 4 days after the treatment if desired.

What’s the difference between Fraxel and Thermage?

The technologies are somewhat similar but treat different issues. Fraxel targets the lowest layers of the skin using laser technologies and Thermage targets the collagen beneath the skin using radio waves. Fraxel is better at dealing with skin problems such as scarring and brown spots. Thermage is better at tightening the skin and dealing with loose skin/elasticity. For more advice on which treatment might be best for you, call our office to set up an appointment.

How long does it last?

Since your skin is healing naturally and will continue to age naturally, we recommend maintaining your results by using physician-strength rejuvenation products at home and having periodic Fraxel treatments annually or semi-annually. Periodic treatments will help slow down the aging process and keep your skin younger looking, longer. As always, protect your skin and wear sunscreen daily.

How many sessions will I need?

For most patients, 3-5 treatments are needed to truly heal your skin and achieve your goals. This is normal as the Fraxel Laser purposely only selects a fraction of the deeper layers of the skin to wound, allowing the surrounding tissue to create new skin cells and heal itself.

Is it safe?

The safety of our patients is our primary concern. Dr. Kridel evaluates new patients to determine their candidacy for this procedure. Fraxel has been approved by the FDA. It is the only FDA approved laser for Melasma (three kinds). Fraxel is also backed by long-term clinical studies 5-plus FDA clearances combined, including melasma, vascular dyschromia and Actinic Keratosis.

What happens at the consultation?

Dr. Kridel, and our Licensed & Multi- Certified Medical Aesthetician, Lacy Gifford evaluate you and formulate your personal treatment plan. From this consultation Lacy will thoroughly discuss the plan with you, answering all questions, going over your pre & post care regimen, as well as pricing & package options.